Who we are ?

About us

EUbridge sp. z o.o. is a producer of abrasives.
The company has been founded in 2001. It is a part of the FLEXA capital group which consists of: 

Flexa, HardWork and EUbridge. The clients include supermarket chains as well as Polish and foreign distributors.

Export and Import​

The company deals with export and import of abrasives. 

The main export directions include: UE member states, Russia, Belarus and Ukraine.


We specialize in abrasives for the building industry which cover a group of products Interior Sanding: sanding sheets, discs, pads and rolls with backing made of mesh and paper, and sanding blocks and sponges with different shapes and colours. 

Research and development​

In cooperation with Politechnika Świętokrzyska (Technical School in the Świętokrzyskie district), the company conducts research on new abrasive solutions for the building industry. The cooperation constitutes a scientific and research project concerning the engineering of flexible abrasives for the building industry. The target of the research is the kinematics of sanding, distribution of forces and pressures, analysis of consumption and resistance of the sanding tools, testing of binders and its modifications. The tests should result in sanding tools with higher parameters of abrasion ability, abrasion and optimization of the proper selection of these tools to the kind of grinded surface. One of the results of this cooperation is the product line SOFT and HARD with twice as large binding resistance parameters and abrasion ability. A similar research is conducted by one of our employees in the form of his doctor’s thesis.

Lean Manufacturing

EUbridge participates in the production and management optimization program conducted by the Kaizen Institute. The company employees take part in training courses and audits organized by the Institute which aim at eliminating losses and improvement of work effectiveness and efficiency. Our actions in this field can be confirmed by certificates issued by SWISSCERT. 

Environmental protection

The company’s business is based on the cooperation with the natural environment. Similarly to other production plants, we do not contribute to its improvement, we have therefore carried out an investment in 2013 with the support of the EU funds, which was aimed to minimize our impact on the environment. The results of the investment are already noticeable in our plant.  


Our main advantage is the ability to adjust to the clients’ requirements. Preparing a product class to its market position, applying any brands, using packages according to the instructions and requirements, applying labels, codes and many more.

The company includes an extensive Confectioning department which fulfills various requests of our clients. It is possible thanks to our machine park: monochrome label and colourful label printers, printing machines – screen and pad printing, angle and bell, and many more.